Grass & Sod Installation Service in Redmond, WA

Grass & Sod Installation Service in Redmond, WA

Cooper’s Landscaping specializes in professional grass & sod installation services in Redmond, WA, tailored to meet your specific needs. We’re committed to delivering every service with a smile and ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

High-Quality Sod Installation Services:

Freshness Guaranteed:

    • We ensure the use of fresh sod, critical for the best results.
    • Our sod is never more than 24 hours old to avoid the risk of browning and weakening.

Premium Quality Sod:

    • Each mat, bat, and roll is selected for its high quality.
    • We provide the freshest and finest grass for your property.

Professional Installation:

    • Expert installation techniques for optimal sod health and appearance.
    • Attention to detail to ensure proper alignment and uniformity.

Acclimation and Rooting Process:

    • Guidance on the acclimation period required for new sod.
    • Approximately two to three weeks needed for the roots to fully anchor.
    • Advice on the first mowing to encourage root development and sod establishment.

Our Commitment to You:

  • We promise a seamless and efficient sod installation process.
  • Our team will work closely with you to ensure your landscaping vision is realized.
  • We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

Transform your lawn with Cooper’s Landscaping’s grass & sod installation services in Redmond, WA. Contact us to bring new life to your outdoor space with a lush, green lawn.

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