Lawn Care / Landscaping Maintenance Services in Woodinville, WA

Lawn Care / Landscaping Maintenance Services in Woodinville, WA

Cooper’s Landscaping offers a range of professional lawn maintenance services in Woodinville, WA, ensuring each task is completed with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our team provides services with a smile, guaranteeing your highest level of satisfaction.

Landscaping Services:

Standard Lawn Care Package:

    • Available in Lynnwood, this package is designed to meet the basic needs of your lawn.
    • Includes a variety of essential services tailored to maintain your lawn’s health and appearance.

Yearly Care Plans:

    • Comprehensive coverage of all landscape aspects for an entire year.
    • Regular services include:
      • Biweekly mowing to keep your lawn neat and tidy.
      • Edging to create clean lines along walkways and flower beds.
      • Debris collection from hardscapes and rock beds, ensuring a clean outdoor space.

Lawn Health and Protection:

    • Application of fertilizers to nourish your lawn.
    • Weed preventatives to stop unwanted growth.
    • Insecticides for plants and the foundation to protect against pests.

Irrigation and Seasonal Services:

    • Zone-by-zone irrigation start-up in the spring, ensuring efficient water usage.
    • Complete winterization of the irrigation system in the autumn to prevent damage.
    • Additional seasonal services to maintain lawn health throughout the year.

Specialized Services:

    • Aeration of the turf’s core to improve soil condition and grass health.
    • Spring cleanup to rejuvenate your lawn after winter.
    • Pruning to maintain the shape and health of your plants and trees.

Cooper’s Landscaping Management is dedicated to providing top-notch Lawn Care / Landscaping Maintenance Services in Woodinville WA. Contact us to customize a plan that suits your specific lawn care needs.

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