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We provide many professional lawn maintenance services to meet your needs.
We promise to provide every lawn service with a smile and to your highest level of satisfaction.

Landscaping Services

The standard and easy lawn care package from Cooper’s Landscaping Lawn Maintenance in Lynnwood will meet your needs. We can also provide you with any other lawn service you may desire.

Our yearly care plans cover all parts of the landscape for an entire year. The regular service includes biweekly mowing, edging, and debris collection from hardscapes and rock beds—fertilizers for lawns, weed preventatives, and insecticides for plants and the foundation. A zone-by-zone irrigation start-up in the spring and a complete winterization in the autumn are additional services we offer. Other excellent services include aeration of the turf’s core, spring cleanup, and pruning.

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Cooper’s Landscape & Maintenance offers a wide range of professional landscaping services.

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Lawn Mowing Service and Trimming Services

Cooper’s Landscaping is an enhancement on mowing lawns. When you relocated to a new neighborhood, you typically had to start from scratch to find local lawn care services to mow your grass cut every week. Our expert, independent professionals lawn service the most prominent cities in Washington. Once you contact us, you’ll never have to look for a lawn mowing service again.

Make sure the business you pick to maintain your small yard is credible. Your qualified lawn care professional will ensure that you receive the greatest lawn services. It’s that simple to ensure that your lawn will be mowed properly. Just ask any of our satisfied happy customers.

More Than the Average Lawn Mowing

The regular lawn service care package from Cooper’s Landscape/Maintenance is designed to meet all of your easy lawn care services requirements. If you discover that you require more good service, we can also give them. Listed below are the best service we offer.

  • Aerating and dethatching
  • Pruning
  • Clean Ups

Cooper’s Lawn Maintenance Package

Our packages for Lawn Maintenance are designed to care for the complete Landscape for new house. The standard lawn service includes weekly mowing, edging, and debris removal from hardscapes and rock beds. The application of lawn fertilizers, pre-emergent, and insecticides to the foundation and plants. In addition to Core Aeration, additional lawn services include Cleanups and Pruning.

Maintaining the Appeal of Your Lawn Year-Round

Aerating & Dethatching

Certain types of grass grow and tend to accumulate thatch faster than they can degrade it over time. This coating of thatch, or dead grass, forms a layer beneath the turf that makes it difficult for water, fertilizer, and helpful microbes to reach the grass’ root systems.

To penetrate this thatch layer and restore your lawn’s vitality, landscapers can aerate or dethatch the grass.


We have skilled employees who are professionals in pruning.

We are the people to contact, whether you need a costly Japanese Maple manicured to perfection, topiary (plant shaping) work performed, or regular pruning services.


There is a requirement for full yard cleanups throughout the entire year. Our personnel are accustomed to raking leaves, pulling weeds, performing one-time mowing operations, re-edging lawns, and performing any other front yard work cleanup fantastic job.

We are licensed for all landscaping services. In addition, we are completely insured and bonded for your protection.

Cooper’s Landscape/Maintenance provides the best lawn maintenance service.

Are you ready for the greatest lawn care service?

Our services can be obtained by contacting our lawn care specialists or by requesting a free estimate online. We recognize that each customer’s lawn has unique care requirements due to their individual needs. Cooper’s Lawn Maintenance can tailor a comprehensive solution to your specific lawn care requirements.

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Our Services
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Hardscaping Contractor

  • - Landscape Construction
  • - Landscaping Design
  • - Pavers
  • - Retaining Walls
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Landscaping Contractor

  • - Sod Installation
  • - Grass Installation & Overseeding
  • - Mulching
  • - Landscape Clean Ups
  • - Tree & Shrub Trimming
  • - Edging & Landscape Beautification
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Other Contractor Services

  • - Gutter Cleaning
  • - Pressure Washing
  • - Land Renovation
  • - Snow Removal & Plowing Service
  • - De-Icing
  • - Shoveling
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Our Lawn Care Expertise

Here at Cooper's Landscape LLC, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs. Whether you're looking for commercial or residential services, we've got you covered. We offer a variety of services such as leaf clean ups, planting, seeding, fertilizing, installation of mulch or sod, gutter cleaning, tree thinning/pruning and maintenance. We even offer landscaping design! We mow small or acre lots. We can also provide a rough visual design of your yard formatted to your dreams and even build it! Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule a free estimate! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Need help? Call our friendly support team (425) 276-6055