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Sod Installation Service in Lynnwood

You should always buy fresh sod because the product cannot live more than 24 hours on a pallet. After one day, the grass becomes weaker and more brownish. Each mat, bat, and roll will contain your property’s freshest, highest-quality grass. Sod installation will require some time to acclimate to its new habitat and home. Two to three weeks are required for the roots to anchor fully and for the plant to become established in the soil eventually. The subsequent mowing will encourage root development.

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What is Sod Installation?

Sod is the grass-growing surface of the small yard grass. This is the most desirable portion of your beautiful lawn maintenance, and it is often where the grass grows the healthiest and most vigorously. Rolls of turf are also referred to as sod because the term is also used to describe the grass you may purchase for your home. Our satisfied customers enjoy lush grass and verdant fields, so it’s easy to imagine the importance of properly laid sod in the community.

In addition to residential areas, stadiums, sports fields, and golf country green can all benefit from batt installations. This is especially true if there is only one ugly green region or patch. Simply lay down some rolls to cover the area, and the grass will do the rest. With our sod installation service you can forget any lawn concerns you may have. Large sod-covered fields are another astounding sight. No matter how patchy or damaged your lawn is, our sod can help you to make it perfect.

Different Types Of Sod

Essentially, sod can be divided into three basic categories. For example, there’s Bermudagrass. It is a common turfgrass that is highly adaptable to the various climates in the United States. This one is the most frequent on golf courses and comes in several varieties. Celebration Bermudagrass is a form of drought-resistant, dark green sod. While Discovery Bermudagrass is green-blue and very low-maintenance, it is green-blue. Bluegrass is a further drought-resistant variety. Bella Bluegrass is a short grass that reaches a maximum height of four inches and has a high survival rate. Otherwise, Centipede grass thrives in the climates of North America. It is known as a weed in some southern homes due to its invasive nature in warmer regions. St. Augustine grass is similarly adept at living in hot climes and thrives the closer it is to the equator. Also Santee is a newer variety of sod that is now being evaluated. Determine which turf will work best for your home.

How To Care For Sod

Watering new sod is the first step. The most important thing you can do for newly laid sod is provide it with water. Therefore, for the first week or two, water it frequently so the roots can establish themselves. According to experts, early irrigation can be advantageous. If the edges of your grass appear withered or bluish-gray, water more often and promptly. Otherwise, once the watering phase is over, mowing becomes the most important and amazing job. First, allow two weeks for the roots to develop, and then mow regularly. You should attempt to keep it between 2″ and 3″ for optimal health. After that, fertilizing your turf is likely the next most important step. The proper fertilization regimen will enable your lawn to appear attractive, remain robust, and become extraordinarily lush. The focus then shifts to weed control. Consult a professional to determine which type your grass demands.

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